Friday, April 18, 2014

Bali Promotion Center: Empowering Bali Community Based Tourism

Bali Promotion Center: Empowering Bali Community Based Tourism: Empowering Communities In Bali and all over Indonesia Bali Community Based Tourism Association (Bali CoBTA) is a non-profit and non government organization ..

After being proclaimed
in 2004, Pinge Tourism Village that is located in Banjar Dinas Pinge, Baru
Village, Marga, on Wednesday Jan 30th, 2013 was finally officially launched and
inaugurated by Tabanan Regent-Mrs. Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti. Through this
official launching of Pinge as community based tourism village, the community
hopefully is able to preserve its environment and local culture of Bali.

 Pinge Tourism village is located at “Desa Baru” Marga district at Tabanan regency around 40
kilometers north of Denpasar. The village offers some interesting  tourist destinations such as the archeological heritage site “Pura Natar Jemeng”, it is a temple which originates from the 14th century and is one of the Dang Khayangan temples in Bali said to be used as a meditation place by Ida Dang Acaria.

Sightseeing at Pinge Tourism Village will be a valuable journey as
this village offers a beautiful green environment. Trekking at Pacung
area will offers you an interesting and memorable view over mount Batu
Karu. Another interesting site to visit is the Pinge Waterfall located
in the southern tip of Pinge traditional village which can be reached by
walking some 300 meters from the road alongside a small river.

Besides these archaeological and natural sites, the village could perform the traditional music “Rindik”, it is a bamboo-made traditional instrument and folk dance “Bumbung Gebyog and Leko” which are a classical traditional Balinese dance scarcely found in other parts of Bali.

The hospitality of the people and the interesting traditions
supported by the clean and green environment creates a fresh and
unforgettable atmosphere. A visit to Pinge tourism village will
definitely be a valuable addition to your travels through Bali.

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