Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bali Hotels Association Blood Drive

BHA Press Release: Bali Hotels Association Blood Drive

 Bali, 19 October 2013- Bali Hotels Association (BHA) has successfully conducted its 5th Blood Drive for the year. This initiative was led by, General Manager, Gregg Harrison together with HumanResource Manager, Fahmi Budiono of Ramada Camankila Resort. A total of 86 people participated from various hotels including RamadaCamankila Resort, Ramada Resort Benoa, Grand Istana Rama, The 101 Bali Legian and AlilaVilla Uluwatu in conjunction with Anlene. The drive resulted in 62 bags of blood collected for the Red Cross, which will be used for patients in need at Sanglah Hospital and other local emergency centers

Under the Bali Hotels Association’s Community Service program, the Blood Drive campaign has been running for the past 4 years. It is held 6 times a year at different hotels across the island. The aim is to encourage hotel employees to participate in the association’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility program and commit to helping those less fortunate in the community.   

The first Blood Drive for 2013 was held in April at The101 Legian Hotel with 180 blood bags collected. Then an additional 40 blood bags were received in May from the team at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua. A third drive resulted in 60 blood bags from HARRIS Hotel &Residence Riverview Kuta followed by Bali Hyatt contributing a further 40 blood bags. The final Blood Drive scheduled for this year will take place at HARRIS Kuta Beach on 6th December 2013.

"I am delighted with everything that has been achieved so far for our Blood Drive campaign. We are expecting even more participants for the December drive to boost our totals and end the year on a high note. It is heartening to see how all BHA members have embraced our programs with such enthusiasm in an effort to give back to those in need,” comments Virginie Tutin Sandstrom, Director in charge of Community Service for Bali Hotels Association.

About BHA

Bali Hotels Association is a professional group of star rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include General Managers from more than 100 hotels and resorts representing over 15,000 hotel rooms and almost 30,000 employees in the tourism sector. The vision is to keep Bali as the most desirable tourism destination in Asia through the warmth and hospitality of its people.

One of the objectives of BHA is to support and facilitate the development of communities, education and the environment in Bali. BHA has initiated many projects involving association members as well as people within the industry. Only by supporting each other can these long term projects be achieved and benefit everyone on the island.

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