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Nusa Dua Festival 2010 and Kuta Karnival 2010 in Bali

One of the most popular islands in Indonesia commemorates the annual Nusa Dua Festival Bali in the mid of October 2010.

The Managing Director of BTDC, I Made Mandra, told a press conference on Tuesday, September 7, 2010, that "Green Tourism" has been adopted as the theme for this year's event in order to emphasize the need to make Bali tourism sustainable through environmental conservation. "As the managers of a five-star hotel complex, BTDC has long been taking steps to preserve the natural environment. This commitment has been proven through 'Green Globe' certification, because a commitment to the environment is necessary for sustainable tourism," he explained.

Adding: "Through the Nusa Dua Fiesta we hope to be able to elevate the tourism image of Bali."

This year's Fiesta will include events to help raise the awareness of young people on the need to understand the environment and undertake ecotourism clean up projects within their local communities.

This year the Nusa Dua Fiesta will focus on four separate programs:

• Art and Culture

• Sports

• Fun

• Exhibitions

Cultural and musical performances will feature performers from across Indonesian and abroad. Among the more exotic stage performances will be belly dancing from the Middle East.

Culinary demonstrations and cooking contests will also be held.

BTDC has allocated Rp. 1.5 billion (US$167,000) to pay for the five-day event which is scheduled to be opened by Indonesia's Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik who will attend together with the Minister of Youth and Sports, Andi Malarangeng, and Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Mustofa Abubakar

As in years past, the event will kick-off with a giant traditional parade.
The Nusa Dua Concept calls for the development of cultural tourism, and protection of the Balinese people and the island's resources, by the creation of a self-contained resort on under-populated and under-productive land.Nusa Dua Tourism Resort lies on 300 hectares land managed by Bali Tourism Development Corporation admitted as environmentally friendly resort area by giving PATA Green Leaf certificate as “ Sustainable future of Pacific ; Asia Travel Industry requires environmentally responsible business practice on 1996.

A brief HISTORY :
In the late 1960's Nusa Dua was an obscure strip of coast on Bali's southern Bukit Peninsula, with striking white sand beaches and two peninsular islets. Nusa Dua means "two islands".
Behind the coconut groves, the villagers of Bualu were barely surviving. They used to take the long and arduous journey to Denpasar, to barter their salt or coconuts for rice. The arid soil was unsuitable for growing much besides coconut palms. There were no roads, market or electricity. Food and freshwater were scarce.

In 1970 the government engaged a French firm of consultants, the Société Centrale pour l'equipment Touristique Outre-Mer (SCETO) to devise a master plan for the development of tourism in Bali in a sustainable manner. The SCETO plan proposed a self-contained resort complex by the sea, removed from the main population centers to minimise the impact of tourism on Balinese culture. The site they proposed was Nusa Dua.

Indonesia – The island of Bali celebrates the annual Nusa Dua Festival starting 15th. October 2010 and aims to maintain the image of Bali as an ultimate international tourist haven in Asia. This week-long festivity will showcase the rich heritage of the Indonesian culture by lining up a number of exciting events, parades, and other programs that will highlight Indonesia’s reputation as one of the world’s most famous tourist destination.

The Nusa Dua Festival Bali this year will be held at the amphitheater area in Nusa Dua. This event is free of charge. Performers in this event will be garbed in colorful wardrobe, eye-catching costumes, and huge headdresses that will display the exotic flavors of Indonesia. Aside from that, visitors and foreigners will be delighted to see handicraft exhibitions and watch entertaining dance, drama, and musical performances onstage about the Indonesian culture, just like last year’s event.

Because travelers need a place to relax amidst the hyped up celebration, BTDC offers a tastefully elegant accommodation for guests visiting the city. Each suite and villa in this five-star resort in Bali is fitted with a wide range of amenities for the guests’ utmost comfort. Plus, guests will get to enjoy these luxurious facilities: private beaches, spa, Olympic-sized main pool, and restaurant by the beach.

One of Bali's largest cultural celebrations, The Nusa Dua The Nusa Dua Festival in Bali, 2010

The Nusa Dua Festival is one of the many Bali Events and Festivals in the months of August and October, and has become a regular event since 1997 when the Bali Tourism Development Corporation started it. The main events of the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali consist of entertaining events, and arts performances that are held on stage. The main emphasis of the Nusa Dua Festival in Bali is also on handicraft exhibitions and displays, and traditional art, dance, drama and music performance and the like.

During the following week a wide range of activities will be staged at a number of performance areas throughout the Nusa Dua Complex. Performances of drama, dance, and music will be presented as well as exhibitions of the rich range of visual arts of the island. As in past years, the festival will be the showcase for new and exciting cultural performances commissioned by local communities from across the island especially for the event.

Attendance at the various performances, exhibitions and cultural workshops held in conjunction with the week-long festival is free of charge.

Kuta Karnival returns for the 8th time in 2010

Bali’s annual international event is organized by the people of Kuta Beach

Heal The World
BALI, 12 October 2009 – The chairman of Kuta Small Business Association, Ketut Nugra announced today the return of Kuta Karnival, scheduled for nine days in 2010.

Initially, this event was established and organized as a response to the terrorist blast that devastated the island of Bali and the international community in October 2002. After major cleansing ceremonies, establishing a memorial for the lost lives, and paying respect to those who left loved ones behind, the people of Kuta decided to continuously rebuild the image of the island of Bali, and look forward to a brighter and promising future for the island’s people and its tourism industry by restoring Bali’s image. 

 The event marks Kuta community’s commitment and thus a tagline of “A Celebration of Life” is established for Kuta Karnival. The nine-day-long Kuta Karnival consists of traditional art performances such as the favourite Sunset Dances, sports on the beach as well as in the water for young and old plus rows and rows of culinary displays along the one kilometer of sandy beach. Click here for previous year's Kuta Karnival

With the first Kuta Karnival held in 2003, this year is the sixth year the event is held. In line with the development of this annual event, Kuta Karnival has grown into a tourism promotional event with major coverage from television and newspapers from across the globe. Companies, Embassies, Non-Government Organizations, Associations and even individuals come forth to get involved in the various events such as a Balinese dance competition presented by a surf-wear company, an environment exhibition presented by an Embassy, a fun cycle presented by a group of individuals, a seminar presented by an association and a parade on the streets presented by an NGO. Tourists and locals alike, more than ninety thousand people participates in the numerous events, year after year.

A repeated tragedy in Bali in 2005 did not reduce the people’s determination to carry out this annual event. Kuta Karnival is conducted to commemorate and give respect to the victims of human violence and show the world the true spirit of local community survival despite terrorism attacks.

Background information

The Community Development Institution of Kuta or more known as Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat LPM Kuta is an institution that looks after the welfare of the people of Kuta. Authorised to establish guidelines of community actions within the region, the institution supports a group of businessmen under the umbrella of Kuta Small Business Association who was concerned to rehabilitate the image that Kuta presents to the world, ostensibly a negative one due to the 12 October 2002 disaster. The people of Kuta realize that as the best-known destination in the whole of Bali it is imperative that Kuta have a better reputation and that this improvement be of benefit to the whole of Bali.

Q! Film Festival Bali
Nationwide 6-City Festival Tour of Gay and Lesbian Films Includes Bali October 13-17, 2010.

The ninth edition of Q Film Festival will take to the road, showing gay and lesbian films throughout the months of September and October 2010 in quick succession in Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bali.

A large number of alternative films, many with gay and lesbian themes, will be shown in venues ranging from theatres to restaurants and bar.

Admission to screenings is free of charge.

The city-by-city run down:

• Jakarta – September 25 – October 2, 2010

• Surabaya – October 6-10, 2010

• Malang – October 7-9, 2010

• Yogyakarta – October 12-15, October 2010

• Bali – October 13-17, 2010

The film showing locations in Bali from October 13-17 include:

• Art Café - Seminyak

• Gaya Fusion - Ubud

• Grocer + Grind – Seminyak

• Alliance Francais – Denpasar

• Graha Irama Minikino – Denpasar

For information on films, schedules and locations [Q! Film Festival Website]

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