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Love Begins With Me with Karen L. Garvey - Part 1

Love Begins with me

The Love Foundation is delighted to announce the first annual GLOBAL LOVE DAY on May 1, 2004 with this year's theme of Love Begins With Me.  Join people from around the world as we acknowledge, celebrate and share the love we have within.  This is a special day of recalling that love is the link that binds us all.  It is also the awesome power that heals and transforms everything it contacts. 
Each of us is a potent force of love when we allow this energy to express itself.  There is nothing we have to ultimately do, rather we need only allow ourselves to feel and be love.  It is that simple.  Global Love Day is merely our way of saying let's remember love is ours to be and to share every moment of our lives.  
We understand this day is a symbol of what we can do every day of the year.  Our intent is to join together in a conscious recognition that love is always present.  For so many, love is often hidden under layers of hurt, trauma, drama, pain and suffering.  Emotional memories, unspoken doubt, fear, resentment and a multitude of old beliefs often keep us from realizing these thoughts and feelings have no real power over us.  We give them power by living in the past and being afraid of the future.  We ignore the love that is present every moment while embracing limitation.  It is time to change that.  It is time to release ourselves from our own self created bondage.
You and I have the opportunity to make a difference.  Together we can embrace our unlimited self, the part of us that knows love and expresses it naturally and simply.  It is when we accept ourselves just for who we are that we transform the moment into peace, security, joy and love.  This process begins with releasing our limiting beliefs, past mistakes, lack of self worth, pride and ego through the conscious act of forgiveness. It is up to us as individuals to undertake this journey.  We begin the transformation when we turn within and accept our self.  We change the world when we change our perspective.
As we come to know who we are and why we act and react the way we do, we start to see ourselves in the faces of humanity.  The reflection of hurt is our hurt, their pain is our pain, another's anger is our anger.  It is also seen in the face of nature.  Her destruction is our destruction.  These seemingly random expressions are our past thoughts seeking manifestation.  It is our constant reminder that love is the answer.  We build a new reality in this current moment when we let go.  When we choose love over fear, kindness over hate, integration over separation, and peace over war, we bring a new reflection to humanity... our loving selves.
So, please accept our invitation to love.  Join us hand-in-hand as we share our love on this planet once again.
Love, light, and peace,
Harold W. Becker

Love Foundation

 Strengthen your Love of Self
by Karen Garvey and her guides
 Life has a way of telling us that we are not as worthy or lovable as we really are. Whether it’s through others’ ignorance, their low level-of-awareness, or their lack of personal self-love, we have a tremendous number of incidents that seem to indicate that we are not worthy. Yes, we also have reinforcement of our worth, but the incidents that trigger feelings of insecurity or “I am not enough” are the ones that often plague us as adults.

There are very few definitive statements that I make based on my years of being a conduit to universal knowledge, but one I will state boldly:
 If everyone on earth loved him or herself fully, there would be no more crime, war, poverty, disease, or disharmony. 

This statement implies that self-love is the most important area of growth in order for humans to experience the bliss and unity that we are capable of experiencing. Although many people who are on a path of self-discovery believe that they love themselves fully, I suggest that you consider the following questions:

Do you feel inadequate, angry, or insecure during a disagreement or break-up with a romantic partner?
 Do  you believe that the economy is solely responsible for your relationship with prosperity?
Do you stay in a job that you dislike when you have a strong passion for another career possibility? 
Do you believe that you will deteriorate or become sickly as you age?

A person is not deficient or inadequate if they answered “yes” to any of these questions. They are human and have been separated to some extent from COMPLETE love of self. Considering that any “no” answer indicates a hole in one’s self-love, the next thought might be, “regardless of how well I love myself now, how can I love myself more?”

 Try an experiment this month. Every time you experience an emotion of inadequacy, anger, or insecurity, ask yourself how the trigger for that emotion reflects an area in which you do not fully love yourself. For example, if you believe that you cannot strike out on your own in your career, how does this feeling indicate a compromised self-love? Perhaps you believe that the economy is stronger that your own ability to manifest an abundant reality. Perhaps you’ve heard that most businesses fail within their first two years. Maybe you believe you could never earn enough through a passionate pursuit to live the lifestyle you would like.

All of these reflections are rooted in a lack of self-love. These are the reasons we tell ourselves we can’t succeed, but they are not the reasons we can’t succeed. As you listen to your own reasoning about why you believe you can’t succeed, begin to transform your choice of language and thoughts to empowering choices. Here are examples of how to convert the above reasons-to-fail into opportunities-to-succeed: 
Find out more by visiting this page
Shine on  !
Love , 
Karen Garvey 
“Karen, you are like a lighthouse standing tall amongst your surroundings and casting a brilliant beacon of white light onto our world.  I am grateful that your beam casts its way to me.  Thank you for who you are and what you do.” - Ric Statler, Huntington, NY 

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