Bali’s premier spa & wellness event As our industry’s premier spa, health and wellness event, the Bali International Spa & Beauty Expo, is committed to providing you with the opportunity to come face to face with the operators, owners and managers of spas and salons in a professional, interactive environment. Spa leaders from across the world including Australia, Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East bring their experiences, skills and knowledge together for this one weekend to network, meet new suppliers and source new brands. Reach thousands of potential clients in one weekend
The events is starting from 09 – 11 March 2011 on Sanur Paradise Convention Center, Denpasar, Bali
Exhibitor Profile
  • Spa Franchise
  • Spa Operators
  • Spa Products
  • Herbal
  • Nail company
  • Beauty & Salon company
  • Fitness Company
  • Banking

Visitors Profiles

Spa and wellness exhibitors constituted over one third of the overall 2008 expo,highlighting the significant synergies of this sector within our broader industry.The expo, educational program and exclusive events specifically target investors, spa entrepreneurs, hotel owners and managers, hotel and spa consultants, architects, designers, spa managers, leisure centre managers… in fact everyone with a specialized interest in spa and wellbeing.
Sources : Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo
Visitor breakdown*
Of the spa professionals surveyed, the breakdown of spa employment was:
  • Resort Spa 20.8%
  • Day Spa 54.2%
  • Destination Spa 25.0%
*Micromex Visitor Survey – Sydney 2008

Other than that,the Visitors Profile is:

  • Distributors
  • Importers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Spa Owners & Directors
  • Fitness owners & Directors
  • Beautician & make up Artiste
  • Bridal & Salon
  • Nail Pedicures & manicure
Bali International Spa & Wellness Expo 2011
The Bali International Spa & Wellness Expo is dedicated to delivering a world-class exhibition & events – bringing together the greatest quantity & quality of buyers & suppliers to the Indonesia professional spa & beauty industry annually. The Bali International Beauty Expo is evolving and will be launched in 09-11 March 2011 as BALI INTERNATIONAL SPA & WELLNESS. BISWEXPO 2011 will introduce a fresh new focus to the Victorian market with the addition of a highly sought after hair component to the well established beauty event.

Jamu Traditional Spa founded in Bali, Indonesia 1988. Small, intimate and luxurious Jamu Spas in Bali are gems of immeasurable value, dedicated to the healing therapies and beauty rituals found in Bali and the tropical island of Indonesia. Jamu, the essence of Indonesian life, honors the passage from birth to old age, by creating sanctuaries to provide our guests with the best our creator provides.

Jamu Therapists are trained by professionals at Jamu Spa School, bali first private training center holding CIBTAC accreditation. Jamu girls are selected from the villages of Bali and scholarships are available

Fresh flowers and leaves, dried roots and exotic spices, local raw honey, coconut milk, sea salt crystals and essential oils and tropical extracts made from nature, organic and pure, all blended together to create products guaranteed to provide intense sensual spa experiences.

Our trade events provide visitors with the opportunity to source new products & stay informed of the latest in industry treatments, trends & technology. From makeup, spa & skincare to tanning, nails & waxing to hair products & equipment, and wigs & extensions as well as business services – there’s something for all hair, spa & beauty professional at these must-attend events!

By attending BALI INTERNATIONAL SPA & WELLNESS, you will discover endless opportunities to increase your business & achieve success.
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Bali International Spa & Wellness Expo akan hadir pada tanggal   9 - 11 Maret 2011 di "Sanur Paradise Convention Center", Kota Denpasar, bakal menampilkan aneka kekayaan dan keunikan jamu serta produk herbal khas Indonesia.

Direktur PT Felixindo Raya Pratama, Felix Rusli, selaku penyelenggara kegiatan tersebut menjelaskan  kegiatan tersebut akan menjadi salah satu pameran spa, beauty, salon, wellness terbesar di Asia Tenggara.

Hal itu mengingat kegiatan tersebut akan diikuti sedikitnya 13 perusahaan besar dunia kecantikan sebagai peserta pameran dan juga akan mengundang beberapa penguasaha yang terlibat langsung dalam bidang spa, beauty, salon, dan wellness atau kesehatan.

Menurut Felix Rusli, acara itu juga didukung oleh pemerintah dalam kaitan mendukung wacana Indonesia Herbal Heritage atau warisan ramuan tradisional, dengan mengajak pengusaha kecil dan menengah untuk ikut berpameran.

"Kami berharap pengusaha kecil dan menengah kita dapat berkolaborasi guna menampilkan keunikan aneka jamu dan produk herbal khas Indonesia kepada dunia international," ucapnya.

Melalui pameran tersebut, para pengunjung nantinya diharapkan dapat menikmati konsep spa yang dari berbagai belahan dunia.

Selain itu, pameran tersebut juga akan dimeriahkan pergelaran mode busana (catwalk), yoga, seni rias di kalangan orang terkenal (artis celebrity make up artis), demonstrasi spa hingga unjuk kebolehan bidang pedicure dan manicure atau perawatan kuku.

Selain pameran, diadakan serangkaian seminar & workshop atau pelatihan yang terbuka bagi peminat lokal, nasional maupun internasional.

Para pembicara dari kalangan ahli spa di dunia, bekerja sama dengan International SPA Association,  Felix Rusli menambahkan.   

Global Spa Summit in Bali May 15-2011

World Experts in Booming Global Spa Industry to Gather in Bali in May 2011. 

The word “SPA” (from Latin «sanus per aqua» means «health through water») has been known for over two thousand years. Today it is becoming increasingly popular among experts and customers. Spa industry is gaining global recognition, proven by worldwide customer service revenue growth during the last five years in America, Europe, Southeast Asia.
Now the global SPA boom has reached Russia in 1998. Russia today is a rapidly developing country with a great potential in the beauty industry market.

Bali News: Global Spa Summit in Bali May 15-2011

The latest on the 2011 Summit...

Theme and Venue Announced!

The 2011 Summit will operate under the theme: Engage the Change: The Customer. The Money. The Future. In addition to gathering at the Bali International Convention Center for Summit sessions, delegates will join together at the Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua Bali, a fantastic, five-star beachfront property that is part of Starwood's Luxury Collection. Click here to read the recent press release issued on the exciting partnership.

Three Co-Chairs to Lead the Summit: From its inception the Global Spa Summit has been modeled on the not-for-profit World Economic Forum, where leaders gather to solve problems and identify shared opportunities. Like the WEF, whose annual agenda is shaped by a panel of expert co-chairs, the GSS has just announced its three co-chairs for 2011, each of whom have served as Summit board members since its inception in 2007.

Anne McCall Wilson, Vice President Spas, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Canada
Jeff Matthews, President & COO, Mandara Spas, Indonesia

Susie Ellis, President, SpaFinder Inc., US

Join the 2011 Summit: Registration is open!

The Indonesia Ministry of Culture and Tourism is one of the main platinum sponsors of the Global Spa Summit (GSS)

Aimed at attracting world wide participation from leaders in the spa industry, the 2010 summit was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 2011 event in Bali will be headquartered at the Bali International Convention Center (BICC) and the Laguna Luxury Collection, Nusa Dua and seeks to discover solutions and strategies for the world's spa industry.

According to the organizers, the spa industry has become a growth leader in the world tourism circles. to be held in Bali May 15-18, 2011. 


In 2006 The International Academy of Spa Esthetics (IASA) has opened the doors for the experts, wishing to raise the qualification, and for those who only dreams to become the spa-professional. IASA - the new project of National guild of Spa-experts. The academy will be located in prestigious area of Moscow (Universitetskiy p-t, 5). Some floors with halls till 35-40 ì2. (a total area - 500 ì2.), a central air, presence of hydromassage baths, shower cabins, bowls and locker rooms, a graceful decor, firm accessories from leading manufacturers of production for SPA - all this waits for our students who will have an opportunity, owing to high quality equipment, to study SPA-TECHNOLOGIES
not only in the theory, but also in practice.It new project of National guild of spa experts .

We are glad to see you!

Our advantages at your choice of the training professional organisations:

The big collective of practising teachers, with the big professional operational experience.
Russian experts - the best professionals of branch of beautiful business.Russian experts - work as trainers of the big international
companies in many countries of Europe and the world.
Training programs - optimum programs on time, on the big assortment of introduction of procedures after training.
You can enter into the menu of your services from 5-12 new treatments. Training programs on specialisation in this page.

Training programs - the optimum European prices and high quality of services.
We respect expenses of our customers.

Programs of support of pupils at and after discount training - bonuses:
In training - a press whale (on courses a notebook, handles). Gift magazines Spa report in English.

The high-grade complete set of coffee-break and dinner.
At office there is a special kitchen to use only it in training programs.

We give addresses of hotels which are near to us. For 1-2 month prior to the beginning of training.

Requirements to students.

Russian Spa Professional Awards’
2005 the nomination
Is added: the Best expert (the cosmetician, the massagist, the expert in manicure-pedicure)
2008 The nomination is added: the Best Banya spa expert
All our dossier
Let's be glad to answer your questions.

Permintaan Terapis Spa dari Bali Tinggi

Permintaan tenaga terapis spa dari Bali saat ini tergolong tinggi, khususnya dari sejumlah hotel berbintang di dalam negeri dan kapal pesiar.
Pemilik Apuila Spa Institute, Luciana Ayu Sukmawati di Denpasar, Selasa mengaku, meskipun banyak permintaan, dirinya tak ingin membuka kelas lebih banyak lagi dengan alasan untuk menjaga kualitas daripada kuantitas.  

"Semua lulusan dari sekolah ini tak ada yang menganggur karena belum lulus saja, sejumlah tempat spa di hotel berbintang mulai bintang tiga sampai lima ini sudah memesan," katanya.
Sejumlah hotel itu malah selalu minta disediakan 20 terapis, padahal siswa saya sudah habis karena setelah lulus langsung diminta kerja. Saat ini, lembaga pendidikan yang dikelolanya tengah mempersiapkan terapis untuk keperluan kapal pesiar.
Untuk pengajarnya, ibu tiga anak ini mendatangkan terapis profesional dari lokasi spa terbaik yang ada di Bali dan telah bertaraf internasional. Lucia juga memberikan kemampuan berbahasa Inggris bagi para terapisnya agar dapat menjelaskan banyak hal kepada tamu asing. 
"Seorang terapis harus menguasai bahasa Inggris dengan baik agar dapat menjelaskan terapi yang diberikan serta dapat menjelaskan kepada tamu dan mendengar keluhan mereka. Sebelum melakukan spa, tamu akan ditanya dan mengisi kertas tentang keluhan sehingga tak seluruh badan dapat dipijat dan ditekan," kata istri dari Eko Junaedy ini.
Berbagai spa diajarkan selama satu bulan penuh selama 26 kali mulai dari reflexology sampai dengan terapi profesional dengan membayar antara Rp3,5 juta hingga Rp5,5 juta.
Setiap bulannya, dia hanya menerima enam siswa dan maksimal 10 siswa, sehingga dalam setahun hanya mampu meluluskan sekitar 100 orang, sedangkan permintaan untuk hotel dan kapal pesiar belum mencukupi.
"Banyak hotel yang tak mau mendidik para spa terapisnya dari nol, karena mereka maunya tenaga langsung jadi dan bisa dipakai. Sementara untuk kapal pesiar, permintaannya sangat tinggi yang minta disediakan sekitar 100 orang," kata dia.
Permintaan itu langsung ditolak Lucia, namun pihak manajemen kapal pesiar justru meminta agar pihaknya mendidik orang-orang yang sudah direkrut sebagai terapis, namun polanya mengikuti standar kapal pesiar.
Banyak hal yang harus diperhatikan sebagai seorang terapis, antara lain daerah punggung yang tak boleh banyak dipijat melainkan hanya diusap saja karena tempat ini banyak saraf-saraf.
"Yang perlu banyak dipijat justru kaki yang setiap hari untuk menyangga badan. Tapi langkah ini tidak berlaku untuk pemijatan ibu hamil melainkan hanya diusap saja, karena sarafnya cukup rentan dan dikhawatirkan akan berpengaruh pada bayi dalam kandungan," kata dia.
Lucia mengaku tak memiliki pendidikan khusus spa, meskipun berhasil menempatkan beberapa anak didiknya sukses hingga menempati posisi asisten manajer di beberapa spa di Bali dan kapal pesiar. Dia memulai karirnya dengan bekerja di sebuah maskapai penerbangan Indonesia, kemudian memutuskan untuk keluar karena bekerja di tempat yang sama dengan sang suami.
Menurutnya, trend spa saat ini adalah four hand massage yaitu dua terapis yang melakukan pemijatan dengan berlawanan arah untuk membuat pasien lebih santai.