Friday, July 17, 2009

Bali Hotel Association Newsletter July 2009

Jakarta Bombing Update

Explosions occurred in JW Mariott and The Ritz Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan South Jakarta today, July 17, 8am this morning. 8 fatalities have been confirmed by the authorities, along with approximately 40 injured. Two further unconfirmed explosions have been reported at Muara Angke and along the airport toll road; details are pending confirmation from the authorities.

BHA took immediate action to advise its members to move security levels to 'red'. BHA representatives are continuing to coordinate with the Police, National Intelligence and Government authorities. To date the motivation for the incidents is unclear, as the authorities investigate possible links related to politics and the recent Presidential election; individual interests; and a terrorist threat. No official statement has been issued to date.

BHA members have briefed their staff to remain calm and focus on the comfort and safety of their guests, and to avoid speculation and rumour surrounding the incidents. BHA are keeping their members informed of developments.

Following a briefing by the Chief of Police in Bali this morning, he indicated that there is no credible threat in place at the present time for Bali; however all members of the community and tourism industry must remain alert to ensure the safety of visitors to Bali and the community at large.

For further information please contact:
Alexander Kesper +6281236480005
Security and Safety
Bali Hotels Association

Secretariat : C/O PHRI Office at BALI TOURISM BOARD Building
Jalan Raya Puputan 41 - Renon. Denpasar 80235, Bali, Indonesia.

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