Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bali Events and Festivals 2009

Bali Events and Festivals in January - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* New Year's Day - January 1st, the celebrations of the previous night continue into the day, although things become more sedate by midday
* Pager Wesi - celebrates Sang Yang (the creator of the universe) with grand ceremonies island-wide

Bali Events and Festivals in February - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Kuningan Ceremony - in early February, spanning ten days and signifying the end of the new year holiday. Yellow rice is offered and temples are beautified to bade farewell to the gods

Bali Events and Festivals in March - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Melasti - precedes Nyepi and is the loud part of the two-day event, where well-dressed villagers offer flowers and fruit and holy men sacrifice pigs
* Nyepi - the quiet day after Melasti welcomes the beginning of the lunar year with a silent vigil to fool the spirits. Bali's airport is closed on Nyepi
* Galungan - the Balinese gods descend to earth during Galungan, a major festival of the Pawukon calendar each March, celebrating the good Dharma over the evil Adharma

Bali Events and Festivals in April - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Kartini Day - mid-April, women don traditional attire to commemorate the birth of the founder of the Balinese women's rights movement, Raden Ajeng Kartini

Bali Events and Festivals in May - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* National Awakening Day - May 20th, 'Hari Kebangkitan Nasional' is a public holiday in Indonesia to mark the principles of Indonesian state philosophy. Government offices and schools host this event

Bali Events and Festivals in June - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Bali Arts Festival - runs between June and July and celebrates the arts and culture of Bali
* Kite Festival - a fun event seeing lots of kite flying throughout the day, and a real boon for tourists who want to get a unique glimpse of another side of Bali

Bali Events and Festivals in July - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Negara Bull Races - bulls are washed and decorated with garlands, coupled to chariots and then raced in an enthralling event. The bull races are staged between July and October

Bali Events and Festivals in August - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Independence Day - August 17th sees Bali adorned with national flags, along with the rest of the country, and feature processions, traditional music and dancing
* Nusa Dua Festival - a week-long event in Bali's popular Nusa Dua resort is a must-see, featuring many Balinese treats including singing, dancing and eating

Bali Events and Festivals in September - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Temple Celebrations - all prominent temples in Bali feature celebrations throughout September, including at Kuta, Sanur, Ubud and Denpasar

Bali Events and Festivals in October - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Ubud Writers and Readers Festival - goes off for five days every year in October and sees dozens of writers from several countries gather, culminating in one of the best events of its type in the country

Bali Events and Festivals in November - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Bali International Jazz Festival - a major event on the island, and in Indonesia as a whole, with performers from all over the world playing out to crowds over a period of three days

Bali Events and Festivals in December - Bali, Indonesia, ID

* Christmas Day - December 25th as with elsewhere in Asia, Christmas is celebrated by Bali's Christian faithful and tourists get particularly jovial at resort bars and restaurants
* New Year's Eve - December 31st sees dinners, dancing, partying, a traditional countdown and lots of fireworks in the bigger resorts.

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