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Regencies in bali

BALI, island of Gods and Demons.

Both magical and mythical, this land of volcanic lakes, spectacular rice terraces, stunning tropical beaches, ancient temples and palaces is and exotic melting pot of cultures and peoples. Renowned of its unsurpassed architecture, traditional theatre, dance and elaborate religious festivals, the colorful Balinese culture is a dynamic force that is constantly synthesizing the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative.

Bali is one of more than 18 thousands island in Indonesia. It is located between the two islands Java & Nusa Tenggara, between 8 03 40 8 degree South latitude and 114 25 & 115 42 40 degree East longitude.
Bali has 5.632,86 square kilometers of land. The total population is approximately 3.2 million people.
Standard time zone is UTC/GMT + 8 hours.

As a part of 30 provinces in the Republic of Indonesia, Bali is divided into 8 regencies ( Badung, Gianyar , Tabanan , Bangli , Karangasem , Jembrana , Buleleng and Klungkung, 1 municipal city (Denpasar), 51 districts and 666 administrative villages.
Denpasar is the capital city of Bali province.

Mount Agung is used as orientation and considered North (Kaja) while the sea is considered South (Kelod). This is the reason why "south" in Buleleng is the opposite of "south" in Badung. In Hindu perspective, north direction (mount) is a holy place while on the southern part is the insulted place.

In the division of area, it is analogized the anatomy of the body: head, body and legs as utama (main), madya (medium) and nista (insult). Therefore, the holy place is located in north edge, in the middle as a place of residence and in the south as place of cemetery. Even, for sleeping, head is faced to north or east and legs are directed to south or west.
The Balinese are one of the 250 ethnic groups in the Indonesian archipelago. Most of them (95%) are Hindus, a religion which came from India, passing through Sumatera and Java.bali magazine bali information center bali tour de bali tours bali hotels resorts villas  bali hot news continuously up-dated information on bali tour de bali and links to bali's best web sites tour de bali including bali map tour de bali bali hotels bali villa tour de bali & apartment bali real estate tour de bali  bali cargo & export bali food & entertainment bali business & travel bali education & school tour de bali bali fashion & accessories bali building & maintenance bali house & home bali restaurant & night life bali computer & internet bali body & spirit bali aroma theraphy bali tour de bali holidays bali & tour de bali beyond bali air lines After the fall of Majapahit empire all the Hindu aristocrats and the common people fled to Bali, bringing along their religion, traditions, literature and arts. Other religions like Christianity or Moslem, Buddhism are also in Bali. But all live in peace, there is no conflict of religion or conflict of ethnics. The population of Bali are three million people. Most of them live in the southern part of the island. Here the tourist resorts are located such as Sanur, Kuta and Nusa Dua. The Balinese people are very creative. They have created and are still creating various kinds of artistic creativities such as wood carving (statues), paintings, gold and silver smith, handicrafts, dances and religious offerings. Nearly everyday there are religious ceremonies in the temples spread all over the island. There are the so called "Bali Aga"; people, the original Balinese communities in several places like in Tenganan or Trunyan. It is worthwhile to visit them there.

Bali has tropical climate all year with two different seasons namely dry season from April to October and wet season from November to March. The average temperature hovers around 30 degrees Celsius year-round. The average yearly rainfall between 893,4 mm till 2702,6 mm with average humidity is 79%.

Bali has 5.632,86 square kilometers of land.
The total population is approximately 3.021.247 people.

Immigration Offices
Jl. D. I. Panjaitan, Niti Mandala, Complex Renon - Denpasar
Phone : (62 361) 238 168
Ngurah Rai Airport Complex, Tuban, Kuta
Phone : (62 361) 751 038
Customs regulations allow, per adult, a maximum of one litter of alcoholic beverages, 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 100 gram of tobacco and a reasonable amount of perfume. Photographic, video and filming equipments, radio, typewriter and car are admitted as they are recorded in you passport on entry and taken out on departure. Narcotics, arms and ammunition TV, sets and Chinese medicines are items that strictly prohibited while fresh fruit, plant and animals must be passed by the Quarantine Office.

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